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22 Apr 2019

Dynamic Currency Conversion - fxCHOICE

Earn additional revenue for accepting credit cards

fxCHOICE is a multi-currency credit card processing system that allows your customers to pay in their local currency. fxCHOICE automatically converts the sale price from the local currency to the card holders currency at the time of sale. They then have the choice to pay in their own currency or the local currency.

Your customers will appreciate the convenience of being able to pay in a currency that is familiar to them. There are no messy mental foreign exchange calculations to be made. The amount they sign for is the amount they will be billed.

By switching to fxCHOICE your business will earn a new revenue stream through foreign exchange commissions made on each international converted charge.

fxCHOICE can be used both in your physical location and online.

Who should use this service?

fxCHOICE is ideal for businesses in the travel and leisure industry. It is particularly suited to:

  • Hotels
  • car rental companies
  • restaurants
  • large retailers such as duty free and department stores

There's no magic, it's just clever thinking

Here's how fxCHOICE works:

  1. Your customer chooses their products and presents them along with their Visa or MasterCard at your check out as normal.
  2. Their card is swiped through the POS terminal (or entered online).
  3. The system determines the currency to charge the customer and converts the sale price into their local currency
  4. The choice of payment, including amount and exchange rate is displayed to the customer.
  5. The customer selects their desired payment currency
  6. A receipt is given to the customer showing all the details of the transaction
  7. Your business receives settlement as normal in your local currency
  8. Once a month, your business receives a commission check for the foreign exchange profits.

Learn about the features and benefits of fxCHOICE click here.