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27 Jun 2019

Features and Benefits

Merchant Features and Benefits



More currencies
Unlike most DCC providers who provide only 6-7 currency options, fxCHOICE offers DCC on 71 currencies

  1. Greater opportunity for conversion, which means increased foreign exchange profits
  2. Better customer experience for a majority of the Merchants overseas customers

Instant conversion to your customer’s home currency

Your customers appreciate the convenience of being able to pay in a familiar currency.

Earn a percentage of the foreign exchange commission.

A new source of revenue from your existing customer just for swapping your POS terminal.

Cardholder Features and Benefits



Instant conversion to your currency

No more messy mental calculations to work out how much something costs.

Rates updated hourly

This ensures the cardholder is getting an accurate rate at the time of purchase.

Rate Safe program

Customers are always certain they are getting the best deal – otherwise, Pure Commerce will refund the difference.