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27 Jun 2019

Dynamic Currency Conversion

Earn revenue from your POS, ATM or payment gateway

In a competitive industry, financial institutions are constantly looking for ways to acquire new customers as well as retain and extend their existing customer base. fxCHOICE Dynamic Currency Conversion (DCC) allows you to increase your portfolio through a new revenue stream derived from foreign exchange 2conversions.

How it works

fxCHOICE simplifies purchasing by allowing foreign cardholders to pay in their home currency whilst travelling abroad.

With fxCHOICE, the sale price or ATM withdrawal amount is instantly converted from the local currency to the card holders home currency at the exchange rate at the time of purchase. The customer is given the choice of paying in their home currency or the local currency.

This service enables Acquirers, merchants and ATM operators to capture a share of the foreign exchange revenue that is usually collected by the foreign cardholders Issuer.

Additionally, fxCHOICE gives cardholders the convenience of knowing exactly how much a good or service will cost them in a familiar currency at the time of purchase.

fxCHOICE can be offered to Visa and MasterCard holders at the Point-of-Sale, Online and ATM's.

fxCHOICE enables your organisation to gain new value from your existing acquiring platform by extending it into new services. By outsourcing your DCC requirements, you can stay ahead of the market with minimal upfront costs.