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27 Jun 2019

Features & Benefits

fxCHOICE delivers true benefits to acquirers, merchants and cardholders.

Benefits for Acquirers

Enterprise payment solution on demand

By outsourcing your DCC requirements to Pure Commerce, we eliminate the need for CAPEX investment in internal development and testing. fxCHOICE has been developed over many years on the demand of our customers. It has been extensively tested to ensure that you and your merchants derive the benefits of a world-leading DCC

fxCHOICE enables your organisation to deploy a industry dominating DCC solution without the huge investments in internal development.

New revenue stream

fxCHOICE provides a new revenue stream for your organisation through foreign exchange profits. For each converted card payment, your organisation will earn revenue. This is a new recurring revenue stream based on the transaction volume of your merchants. Visa reports that international travellers spent approximately US$728 billion worldwide in 2004 and estimates this spending to increase to approximately US$1.4 trillion by 2014. . fxCHOICE allows you to harness this growth potential and derive real financial benefits.

Attract, expand, and maintain merchant relationships

Reward your merchants with monthly commissions for simply switching on DCC. In most cases, accepting credit cards is a cost centre for businesses. By switching on fxCHOICE your merchants derive financial rewards through FX commissions. It is a simple yet powerful value proposition that ensures your organisation attracts new merchants and holds on to your existing ones.


Features and Benefits Table



Enterprise payment solution on demand solution

World-class software at a fraction of the cost of developing an in-house solution.

Additional revenue from FX profits

New revenue stream for little effort.

Allow your merchants to increase earnings by just switching on the service

Attract and maintain merchants by providing financial incentives (FX commissions) to use your merchant acquiring platform.

Why not contact a sales consultant today to find out how fxCHOICE can help you.


Benefits for Your Merchants

New revenue stream

fxCHOICE provides the opportunity to earn additional revenue on every international Visa and MasterCard sale. With standard EFTPOS machines, when an overseas customer uses their credit card, their own EMS makes a foreign exchange commission. With fxCHOICE, the currency conversion takes place at the point of sale, so the merchant makes a foreign exchange commission instead of the cardholder’s EMS. This foreign exchange commission is an ongoing recurring revenue stream for your merchants.

Improved customer service

Calculating costs whilst travelling overseas is often a difficult task. It is generally not until the traveller gets home and receives their credit card statement until they really know how much an item or service cost them. With fxCHOICE the customer knows instantly how much their purchase costs in a familiar currency. This means that customers can make informed purchasing decisions and takes the uncertainty out of shopping. Customers don’t have to waste time performing messy mental calculations. The price they sign for at the point of sale is the exact amount the merchant will charge them in their home currency. This certainty provides for an improved shopping experience for most cardholders.

RateSafe Guarantee

Pure Commerce provides cardholders with a program called RateSafe that encourages them to choose their home currency. Under the RateSafe program, if a cardholder would have obtained a better conversion rate from his/her card issuer then Pure Commerce will refund the difference directly to the customer.


Merchant Features and Benefits Table



Foreign exchange commissions earned for converted transactions

Earn additional revenue for accepting credit cards

International customers have the choice to pay in their local currency

Improved customer service – customers see prices in a familiar currency

Rate Safe program

Customers are always certain they are getting the best deal – otherwise, Pure Commerce will refund the difference.


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