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22 Apr 2019

Multi-Currency Pricing PFX

PFX enables your business to reach a wider customer base by accepting payments online in over 150 currencies without any foreign exchange rate risk. PFX gives you the ability to provide the local feel on your web site, regardless of where your customers are located or where you goods are being shipped from.

With PFX you select the currencies you want to accept and determine the prices you want to sell your items for in your local currency. When a customer selects the currency they want prices to be displayed in, PFX converts the sale price into that currency.

For example, a British customer browsing a US bookstore website may make his purchase for USD10 or GBP 6.

The difference between multi-currency pricing (MCP) and dynamic currency conversion (DCC) is that with MCP the currency selection is done upfront before payment. That is, the customer selects the country they are from or the currency they want prices displayed in. When he pays for his purchase he is charged in the selected currency. Provided that this is the same currency that his credit card statement is issued in, then the amount he sees at the check out is the same amount that will appear on his credit card statement.

You receive settlement as normal in your local currency. PFX removes the foreign exchange rate risk associated with selling in multiple currencies by converting the sale price based on up-to-date exchange rates which are guaranteed from the time of purchase to the time of settlement.

Cardholders appreciate the certainty of knowing exactly how much a purchase will cost them at the time of sale while merchants benefit from a wider reaching customer base.

PFX is accompanied by a powerful online reporting system called NetReport.

PFX Features and Benefits


More currencies
Ability to accept payments in over 150 currencies

True global reach for your business.

Rates guaranteed from time of purchase to time of settlement

  • No foreign exchange rate risk.
  • You always receive the same amount in your local currency for each item sold.

Local currency settlement

Clarity over sales figures as they receive settlement in your own currency.