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27 Jun 2019

Online Reporting NetReport

Transparent, instant access to transaction information

NetReport is a comprehensive online reporting portal. NetReport effortlessly provides instant access to all transaction information. This powerful customer service tool enables you to generate real-time sales reports. You do not have to wait until the end of the month to know what your credit card sales were. Transaction information can be displayed in many formats to suit different requirements.

NetReport enables your back office staff to quickly and simply search via keyword for any transaction ever processed through the system. This is an effective customer service tool that reduces time and effort in dealing with customer's sales enquiries.

NetReport seamlessly integrates with most off the shelf and proprietary accounting packages. This ensures that transaction data can be instantly uploaded into the company's general ledger.


Features and Benefits Table



Instantly search for any transaction ever processed through the system.
Simply enter a keyword such as card number or cardholder name into NetReport and the transaction details appear immediately.

No need to wade through rolls of paper receipts to find a particular transaction docket. Perfect for customer service centres that require instant access to customer information.

Generate sales reports at any time of the day or night

You don't have to wait until you receive a statement at the end of the month to know your credit card sales figures.

Easily integrated into existing accounting systems

Transaction information can be directly entered into the merchant's general ledger system. This reduces accounting costs and increases accounting errors.