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22 Apr 2019

POS Terminals

Pure Commerce works with a wide range of POS terminal manufacturers around the world to deliver localized POS solutions to our clients.

Pure Commerces POS solutions such as fxCHOICE DCC can be provided on both as stand alone or integrated solutions.

Stand alone

Pure Commerce offers stand alone terminals for card acceptance. This means that you have a swipe terminal located at your point-of-sale which captures the customers card details and sends it to your card acquirer for processing. In the case of DCC, the currency selection is done directly on the POS terminal screen.



Pure Commerces POS solutions can be integrated into your existing cash register systems. This means streamline check out process for your clients. The sales information is entered directly into your cash register system and the information is sent directly to the POS terminal for payment. Your back office systems and card processing systems can then be linked for seamless reconciliation.

Examples of some of the systems we have integrated with include:

  • Micros
  • PI Electronique
  • 3C